Stainless Steel Cookware


Sur La Table matching 3qt saute pan

Sur La Table 5-Ply Stainless Steel 10 pc Set

Sur La Table matching Stockpot with Pasta insert

Remove non-stick toxic pans from your kitchen

Sur La Table 5-ply Stainless steel cookware set is a worthwhile investment for those seeking an escape from toxic non-stick pans.

With exceptional durability, these pans are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring a lifetime of reliable use. When used correctly, they offer a non-stick cooking surface, providing a convenient and hassle-free cooking experience.

Say goodbye to the worries associated with harmful chemicals and embrace the peace of mind that comes with using this high-quality cookware set. Elevate your culinary skills and indulge in the joys of cooking with Sur La Table's 5-ply Stainless steel cookware set.

Level up your cooking with this worth the splurge that is a lifetime of cooking comfort. Shop and compare and get the best deal. I waited and found all of these items at 50% off. I saved HUNDREDS of dollars waiting for the right price for high quality stainless steel.

I couldn't wait to use these pans. Our first dinner was home-made pasta, pan seared salmon and pasta pomodoro.

The pan seared salmon was just like a restaurant. All of these years of using cheap pans I could never get that good sear on them. What a difference! I am obsessed and looking forward to cooking again! And, I also pan fried asparagus! YUM!

These are the pans I recently purchased for our home kitchen. It was a delight to remove all of my old pots and pans with some of them were scratched up non-stick Teflon pans. I thought my cabinets were pretty organized until I cleared out every pot and pan and replaced everything with these new pans. Most people understand when I say we have an emotional attachment to some of our pots and pans. We have the 'go to' frying pan to whip up a couple of fried eggs or the 'go to' small pot for canned anything and our 'go to' large pot for chili, or soup, etc.

I had to learn how to cook with stainless steel. The pans are non-stick if you heat them right. For example: When I am going to fry a couple of eggs, I place the pan on the burner at medium heat, after a minute or two, I drop water in the pan. If the water disappears, the pan is not ready. When the water drops dance in the pan like a mercury ball, the pan is ready to use. I turn the heat down a bit, add oil and/or butter then add the food. I just fried eggs and no sticking and cooked perfectly. These pans are high quality, they're heavy and conduct heat evenly and are hotter than any pans I have ever owned or used.

Pan on Medium heat, drops of water instantly disappear and leave marks. Pan is not ready. Wait another 20-30 seconds and test again.

The water drops dance in the pan and do not immediately evaporate, the pan is ready. Turn the pan down just a bit and add your oil and/or butter

Drop your eggs and see how the eggs do not stick!