Cruise the Pacific 'Level Up Style'



11/8/20233 min read

Being in Public Safety, my husband and I usually prefer to maintain a low profile. The crew's familiarity with us was a tad unnerving, but they couldn't have been kinder, ensuring every passenger need was met for an optimal experience.

While we aren't big consumers of alcohol, the availability of an open bar was a pleasant touch. VIP treatment for a short week was enjoyable, but truthfully, I didn't find the need to pay extra to feel special on a Disney Cruise. They manage to make everyone feel special, regardless of who you are ;-)

5- Day Disney Cruise - San Diego Port to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico

This is an article from our community viewer about how they enhanced their Disney family cruise experience with luxury and fun.

Hi Theresa, I took a chance and leveled up our vacation this year on our latest Disney Cruise. My husband and I have taken two trips in the past and decided to re-take the same 5-day cruise over again. This time, we leveled up to the Concierge Package on Disney Cruise Line (DCL).

It is a very well-kept secret that DCL pretty much caters to the grown-ups. There’s an adult only pool, hot tubs, and two really fun lounges that are off limits to anyone under 21. Sure, there’s plenty of kids and families on board, but there are those of us that are just big kids, and love Disneyland as much as anyone.

When my husband and I combined households, we made the decision to part ways with our Disneyland Annual Passes, aiming to save some money. Moving further from the park also meant our visits would be less frequent.

This choice proved to be a wise one, made just three months before the pandemic imposed its shutdown, sparing us both expense and the frustration of missed opportunities.

After a year of lockdown-induced boredom, we found ourselves exploring the offerings of Disney Cruises, and let me tell you, the commitment of DCL cast members and crew to ensuring every passenger has an extraordinary experience is truly impressive.

The culinary delights, entertainment, shows, and interactions with beloved characters on DCL make the elevated cruise price entirely worthwhile. Opting for the Concierge Level experience, we brought along my 84-year-old mom, who's just as much a big kid at heart.

So, what perks did we enjoy? Free beer and wine flowed most of the day, and the lounge offered complimentary spirits and mixed drinks from 5 pm to 10:30 pm daily.

We relished preferred theater seating at live musical shows, complete with free popcorn and a non-alcoholic beverage of choice. As a weary traveler, being among the first to board and disembark was a magical relief. No long lines on the ship or two-hour waits through Customs—now that's a vacation dream come true.

That was actually magical! Would I repeat the experience? Perhaps. The Concierge package usually doubles the room rate of a stateroom with a veranda, but the private lounge access, stocked with delectable, yummy fresh snacks and drinks (you can even be your own barista for coffee), is a tempting luxury. As for what I liked and didn't like, having three on-duty Concierge Hosts who had studied the passenger list added a personal touch. They knew our names the moment we stepped on board, a delightful feature if you're accustomed to that level of attention.