Level Up Your Beauty Arsenol


11/14/20233 min read

My journey to elevating my facial skin routine.

Throughout my life, I've consistently relied on Curel Lotion for both my facial and body skincare.

My routine was quite basic, involving the use of soap and water for facial cleansing and applying lotion to both my face and body. I never had a formal skincare regimen and would simply use lotion and a tissue to remove makeup.

I saw and advertisement for a facial night treatment called “RoC Retinol Correxion Anti-Aging Wrinkle Night Serum” and decided to try it out.

Oh my gosh I immediately fell in love with how it made my face feel. I was scared to try it at first because it is oily. But after a few minutes after it soaks into my skin my face feels so good. I don’t miss a night of it!

A couple of months later, while shopping at a big box store, I came across this jar of Tatcha lightweight face cream.

My skin is very sensitive, and it is a little pricy but wanted to give it a try. I use it every morning after showering and it is very light on my face and neck. I was running out of it and there is a Sephora near me so I ran in to see if they had it and they had a Holiday Value Set that included a cleanser, toner and the jar of cream.

When I opened the box, to my surprise there was a cloth in there. It is a Furoshiki cloth. It is a cloth wrap that is a very beautiful Tatcha dual sided colored fabric to show thoughtfulness and gratitude.

While shopping at a big box store again, I came across Nassif MD Hydro-Screen Syrum. I gave it a try.

It is very oily, but soaks into the skin very nicely. I use it after the ROC at night and after the Tatcha in the morning. It keeps my skin hydrated and supple.

One more of my rituals is the Oil of Olay facial scrub I keep in the shower.

I use the scrub machine and the cleanser about 2-3 times a week on my face and neck. I feel it gets to the grime that I may have missed.

The newest item I am trying out is the Blumene Face Pro. It is a facial device that combines the power of microcurrent and LED therapy to stimulate the facial muscles.

It claims to promote collagen and elastin production to keep skin firm, reduce sagging.

Will update you on this after a few weeks. Both my husband and I are trying this one out.

I just ordered a tighten & lift neck cream and should receive it in the mail soon. Both my husband and I will be using it daily. Updates on this one will be coming too.

My skincare journey is being marked by a consistent reliance on a routine. As the years have passed, I've observed the unmistakable changes in my skin—sudden shifts in texture, sagging, and discoloration. This evolution is a realization of the need for a more intentional and targeted approach to skincare as I navigate through the challenges of aging.

Looking ahead, I am eager to explore and adopt a tailored routine that addresses the evolving needs of my skin, embracing a holistic approach to beauty and well-being. I actually look forward to my routines and seeing the progress in the improvements in my facial skin feeling and appearance.