Theresa K

Level it up and experience affordable luxury with Beis Luggage! When I mention luxury, I'm referring to the exquisite textures, captivating colors, and impeccable craftsmanship that define this brand's products. The quality is not just satisfying; it's truly delightful.

Every time I see this brand, it puts a big smile on my face and an anticipation of excitement of what they are promoting and what will l love enough to buy it.

I purchased the luggage from Ross store along with the matching flower hard cases. However, after just one trip to Florida, the zipper broke. Fortunately, it happened when I was unpacking at home, and not at the airport or tarmac. Whew! Thank goodness!

I must admit, I was quite obsessed with finding the perfect luggage. I did extensive research to find a set that didn't cost a fortune but still had the extra features and organization I desired. After considering luxury brands that didn't quite meet my needs, Beis consistently stood out as the top contender.

After much deliberation, I finally decided on Beis, but then faced another dilemma - choosing the color. Despite my initial nervousness, I opted for beige, especially since they offered clear protection covers. However, I did encounter a waitlist for the 26" cover and was surprised to find that they didn't have one for the smaller carry-on size. Nonetheless, I prefer checking in my bags and avoid using the overhead bins whenever possible to remain as hands-free as I can be in the airport.

By the way…off topic, but when deboarding, why does everyone have to standup in the aisle and bully their way to be first ahead of another person? Can’t we just exit the plane like we do in an assembly? First row, then second row, etc. No pushing and shoving needed.

26" and 29" Clear Covers

When my new luggage finally arrived, I was ecstatic!

There was only one box. Each bag nested perfectly inside the other, and I was delighted to discover that my daughter's bright green weekender, which I was worried about the color choice looked lovely in person. The beige color was even more elegant and stunning than in pictures. Beis truly offers an affordable luxury brand that I can't seem to get enough of. I was so impressed that I went ahead and ordered the mini convertible and the On the Go Essential case as well, despite being on the waitlist for the matching sling crossbody.

The interior of each case was identical, featuring a compression pad on one side and double pockets on the other, and the set came with a dirty laundry bag and a shoe bag for each piece. The zippers were of top quality, and I appreciated that each bag was expandable, with the clear plastic cover also having an expander zipper. The zippers also had locks, which added a sense of security during travel. Moreover, each bag included a 50 lb indicator to prevent overpacking, along with purse clips on the outside to hold handbags.

My husband couldn't help but tease me, questioning why I needed so much luggage. While he has a point, and we don't travel extensively, when I do travel, I like to do it in style with nice luggage. I never fly last class and often level it up and opt for first class, and I have a couple of upcoming trips to Nashville and the Pacific Islands. Rest assured, the star feature in my trip videos and pictures will be how well my luggage looks and performs throughout the journey.

Airport approved locks with cominiation

3 piece set side by side

Interior for all the bags

Dopp Kit

Essentials Case

Cosmetic Case

Mini Convertible Weekender

Below is my collection I used on my weekend to Lake Powell. The Dopp Bag and the Essentials Case fit perfectly in the weekender along with minimal clothing needed for beach wear and such. The bottom of the weekender was perfect for extra shoes and enough room for more essentials. What I love most about the weekender is how it opens completely wide to see everything in it - just like 'Mary Poppin's Bag'. It's just as magical to me.

I used the Sport Pack in lieu of carrying a purse and it is perfect to hold my two cell phones, keys, has credit card pockets, essentials zipper pocket and a back zipper pocket to hold cash. Used it as a crossbody and was perfect to free up my hands to carry my weekender and Bogg Bag.

Sport Pack

Pictures below are the pieces my daughter carried for the trip. She has the regular size Weekender which is quite large enough to pack her and the two boys beach wear and such and essentials and the bottom offers a lot of room too.

She carried the Sport Backpack and a Bogg Bag. The wristlet wallet (comes with a long shoulder strap too) was very handy when she didn't want to have to use the backpack for quick jaunts to the market or convenience stores.

Sport Backpack

Wristlet Wallet

Cosmetic Pouch Set


My other daughter travels a lot for her children's sports and she is always on the go on her weekends. She carries the Weekender in Gray and a Bogg Bag too!

Dopp Kit


All of the items below are in transit to be delivered. I cannot wait to see the Sports Sling. I have been on the waitlist and if finally came back in stock and I snapped that up right away. While I was at it I ordered the Belt Bag for the gym, the cap because that's what I wear most of the time on the weekends and the gym. The jewelry case will be used for our trip to Nashville along with the luggage tag and cosmetic pouches. The East to West will be so versatile for me and I can't wait!

Beis has a loyalty program and I earned enough points to order the Black Carry-On Roller and the Passport/Luggage set for FREE!!! My husband doesn't it know it yet, but I am now starting his own Beis set in Black.

Sports Sling

Belt Bag

BEISball Cap

Hanging Jewelry Case

Passport and Luggage Tag

East to West Tote

Carry-On Roller

Cosmetic Pouch Set