Music City


We were on the hunt for authentic Tennessee barbecue that led us to Martin's. I ordered the brisket, and it exceeded my expectations – tender and bursting with flavor. The rustic, homey atmosphere is a perfect setting for a usual family outing. Sure wish we had a Martin's in Las Vegas!

The long-awaited concert finally arrived, featuring Durand Jones and the Indications. Unfortunately, Aaron Fraser was absent. Despite Durand's impressive performance, the presence of the 'Indications' was sorely missed. A pleasant surprise was the opening act, Bird and Byron, whom we instantly became fans of. We even bought T-shirts from both bands and had the pleasure of meeting Bird's parents, who were incredibly gracious and proud of their son's performance.

After the concert, our night was far from over. We ventured to Lucky Bastards, sampled some delectable pizza, and faced the uphill trek back to our hotel. It's worth noting that Broadway, nestled on a hill, leads downhill towards the Titan's Nissan Arena and uphill to our hotel.

If you watch the TV show American Pickers, we went to their Nashville store for a Tshirt!

Our Nashville adventure was filled with music, delightful memorable fun, great bourbon, local food, and unforgettable experiences, making it a journey we will always cherish.

We headed out on our journey to Nashville, with my daughter and her husband, eager to catch a live performance of a band we are fans of at the iconic Exit-In venue. This was our first visit to the Music City.

Our adventure began with the perks of flying first class with Delta. The plush seats, great service, and the convenience of Sky Priority for expedited check-in and baggage handling were a true indulgence.

We stayed at Embassy Suites that is located downtown, a block away from the Broadway district. The central location allowed us to explore most attractions on foot. We arrived on a Saturday, eagerly anticipating our night out on Broadway Street. We weren't exactly expecting the street was a hub of ceaseless activity, with local police managing the crowd and multiple live bands playing at every venue. There was good food, good music, and good fun.

Embassy Suite Hotel

Hotel Lobby

Roof Top View

We set off to explore the city and found 5th and Broadway mall and Assembly Food Hall that is located on the second floor.

It was there that we discovered the Bellini Bar called Blush, where I developed a new love for the Cotton Candy Bellini – a recipe of prosecco crowned with a ball of cotton candy.

The transformation as the cotton candy dissolved, creating a sweet rim at the top of the glass, was simply delightful, so I had another.

5th and Broadway Assembly Food Hall and Mall

For dinner, we dined at our hotel's steakhouse called Hand Cut Chophouse but regrettably, the food did not meet our expectations given the price point. However, the cocktails were the standout feature. The Smoked Waffle Old Fashioned was a revelation, and the Bleu Cheese Dirty Martini was pure perfection. We ventured out to Broadway once again, this time stumbling upon a karaoke bar where my son-in-law displayed his hidden talent, engaging the crowd with his performance.

Private Golf Cart Brewery and Distillery tour

First Stop:

Tennessee Distillery

5 free shots from a selection of around 30 different flavors

Second Stop:

Nelson Bros. Distillery

4 shots from their selection of Whiskey, Rye and Bourbon

Third Stop:

The Red Door Saloon

Root Beer Float Vodka Shot

We booked a private tour of local breweries and distilleries. Our guide, Tyler, was not only knowledgeable but also attuned to our preferences. Our tour began at the Tennessee Legend Distillery, where we sampled five of flavored whiskeys. We then made our way to the Historical Nelson's Green Brier Distillery, where we enjoyed a flight of Whiskey, Rye and Bourbon. The highlight, however, was the Root Beer Float Shot at the Red Door Saloon, a delectable discovery that we vowed to recreate at home. The bar was enlaced with pennies and every inch of the walls and ceilings were plastered with metal signs for everything you could imagine. Then he showed us a two-inch hole on the floor where you can put your camera to view the 'skull and bones buried' under the bar floor.

Tyler introduced us to a brewery where we enjoyed in a flight of flavored lagers, and I discovered my newfound appreciation for Oktoberfest beer. The tour concluded with a visit to Sliders, a local restaurant, where we had a delightful dinner. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience, with a special shout-out to Tyler, who made it the highlight of our vacation. We noticed other tours and their guides, but none seemed to have as much of fun and enthusiasm as ours

Fourth Stop:

Tailgate Brewery

4 flight of flavors of your choice

Last Stop dropped us off at Sliders Restaurant

Beer Cheese Dip and Homemade Chips

Our server wearing Fuklehead Whiskey Swag

Several slider selections. I opted for a regular cheese slider and a spicy chicken slider.