A Crockfords luxury hotel and casino experience



While my mom, sister and brother were in town, we stayed at Resorts World. I wanted to show them how wonderful the hotel amenities are and the beauty of the property.

My husband and I stayed at the Crockfords in April and really loved the luxury experience and I couldn’t wait to share it with my family.

When you stay at Crockfords they have a private gated valet entrance and you check in to the hotel at a luxurious private desk that overlooks the private bar and lounge lobby area. There is a private entrance into the private gaming salons. They give you a keepsake key fob for your room along with a plastic key card.

The rooms are only accessed by private entry ways that are marbled floors and walls that your key allows entrance. The room is a suite with a living room, fully stocked bar, Nespresso coffee maker, soaker tub, two bathrooms, his and her vanities, a walk through closet with all amenities, Byredo bath products of ‘Mojave Ghost’ scent. And a massage gun -that is very useful for your shoulders to relieve the stress of losing too much in the casino! LOL

Crockford's private lobby and lounge

Crockford's private bar and lounge

Crockford's private marble elevator entry

Crockford's His&Hers Vanity and Soaker Tub

I drive up to the private drive and we all get out of the car only to be told by the valet that we weren’t on the list and we had to leave the area and drive to the next car port for the Conrad Hotel entrance. Immediate disappointment set in. I was confused. I paid for and staying in a Crockfords room but using the Conrad hotel check in area?

Well, there was a small Crockfords hotel desk off to the side just outside the Crockford private door where we checked in. The clerk explained this was something new they were trying out for rooms that weren’t a suite. (I didn’t understand it and didn't have a choice at that point.) No keepsake fob either, our room was in the Crockfords private elevator tower, and we had access to the Crockfords amenities.

When we got to the room, immediate disappointment. It was a plain old room with two beds. I called the desk and asked what was happening, where was the second bathroom and the tub and everything and why do I have this ugly room? She said there weren’t any other suites available, and they were sold out and I couldn’t change my room, so I was stuck.

Boooo. Ugh, I just had to suck it up and not ruin it for my family. I apologized to them that this is not what I expected. I was so embarrassed. I had bragged about how much my husband I loved it so much and the experience we had and how I couldn't for them to see it to too and to share it with them.

Totally NOT a level up experience.

Once a year we ‘four muskateers’ leave our families behind and get together to be with each other for a long weekend and go on adventures. My sister, brother and I drag our mom everywhere and anywhere we can and we have so much fun together every time!

Well, the weekend started off on the wrong foot, but time to get over it. We had reservations for Katy Perry the next night as she had a residency there. And we wanted to go to the Mob museum on one of the days too.

This was the first opportunity to use my new Beis luggage! I packed my 26” bag, my mini convertible weekender. I packed my Dopp Kit and makeup case and the essential bag and everything fit in the bags like it was meant to be. We checked in and dropped our luggage off and took a taxi to Eataly at the MGM Park Hotel. We love having their charcuterie and flat bread pizza and a nice Italian Wine to wash it down.



My husband and I had a blast! We took pictures of everything. Went to the Mexican Restaurant for dinner the first night, and went to the sports bar in the evening and listened to a live band and watched people on the dance floor. The next morning enjoyed breakfast at the coffee shop, lounged at the private pool, napped and dressed for dinner. We were living it up and felt the full luxury experience of the hotel offerings and we were on our level up journey!

The Iconic Stardust Marquee. The Stardust was imploded, and The Resorts World was built on the land

"One of our top must-do experiences is leveling up with a visit to Eataly in Las Vegas. Our ritual includes margarita pizza, pairing it with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, and indulging in a shared cheese and salami plate. Each time my family visits me here in Las Vegas, we make it a point to visit Eataly.

Our luck always seems to shine as we secure seats at the prestigious Campari Bar. Here, the service is nothing short of impeccable, and the wine selection exclusively hails from Italy, making it the perfect complement to the dishes we choose."

Crockford's King and Lounger

Gilded Elephant

Byredo Mojave Ghost Ammenities

Crockford's Living Room Sofa

Bronzed couple

Bronzed Hippo

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