The Power of Believing


12/13/20232 min read

photo of birthday birth about to blow birthday candles
photo of birthday birth about to blow birthday candles
silhouette of man looking at milky way
silhouette of man looking at milky way

The Power of Believing

Star light, Star bright, first Star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight.

The cherished tradition that captures our spirit of wishes is blowing out birthday candles. A room filled with friends and family, gathered around a cake with flickering candles.

As you take a deep breath and blow out the candles, a collective hush falls over the room, and everyone watches in anticipation and everyone tells you to make a wish!

The custom of making a wish before blowing out birthday candles dates back to ancient times. The Greeks believed that the smoke from blown-out candles carried wishes and prayers to the gods.

What is it about wishes that captivates our hearts and minds?

The magic lies in the power of belief.

When we make a wish, whether upon a star or before blowing out candles, we momentarily suspend reality and allow ourselves to envision a world where our aspirations can materialize.

"If you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you."

Wishes have a way of transporting our imaginations and giving us a break from the hum drums and a chance to dream anything is possible.

Our wishes provide a sense of hope and reminding us that even in the face of challenges, there is optimism and the pursuit of our deepest desires.

In a world often filled with uncertainties, our wishes are the beacons of infinite possibilities.

Whether we're entranced by the shining stars in the night sky or gazing at the glow of your birthday candles and thinking about your wishes, you feel like you are tapping into the realm of all possibilities for a moment to believe that,

just maybe,

all our wishes can come true.